Short Films

I am primarily a writer but I have really enjoyed making a few short films – it served as a huge education in how much goes into making a movie and how much hard work is required from so many people even to put smaller films like this one together, much less the much larger productions made at a professional level.

The Spiritualists was made as a follow-up to a class I took in film-making for adults at the Austin School of Film.  We were given the privilege of shooting the film at a historical site on the University of Texas campus.  I am really grateful to all the local actors and crew that worked so hard on it.

Vacancy in the Park was made on a Super 8 camera for an experimental film class, also at the Austin School of Film, and is set to Wallace Stevens’ reading of his own poem by that name.  I was mostly playing around with different experimental techniques but it was a lot of fun!  The first section was shot on the St. Edwards University campus and at Barton Springs Park while the last section was shot using a dollhouse that I constructed for the film.


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