New Things

I am not the best at updating this website BUT here are a few new things.  My poem, “February,” was published by Open Letters Monthly.  You can read it here.  The first line of the poem is actually hand-written in sharpie on a coffeehouse wall in Los Angeles as well alongside years of other graffiti by other people.  I might have written part of the poem there too but I don’t remember!  For the sake of a better story, let’s say I did!

A poem from my book, “Words from a Pound of Flesh,” was re-published by The Quotidian Bee here.  This is a poem that was written some years ago but that still has a lot of meaning to me and which I am tempted to over-explain but which I will leave to speak for itself.


There are a few copies of my book now at Malvern Books, in Austin, which is very nice.  My book is print-on-demand, which means that instead of the publisher printing a “press run,” the book is printed when someone orders it.  That means for the most part, it is available online through the usual suspects or at readings, to which I bring author copies.  For whatever reason, I didn’t make getting it into actual live bookstores a big priority, I suppose because there were other things to think about when publishing a first book, but I did eventually get a few copies to Skylight Books in LA and now to Malvern and it is a very nice feeling to know that people can walk into a bookstore and see it and buy it if they wish!

I will be doing a reading in Denver, at the Leon Art Gallery, on Mar. 5th at 5:00.

Finally, My poem, “How Not To Need Resurrection,” is being included in the Pittsburgh Poetry Houses project, which you can find out more about here.  The poetry house will be hosted by Randyland, a really cool looking public art site.  Mine will be up for two weeks; I’m not exactly sure when yet, but I will let you know when I find out!  I am very excited because I love public art and I wish I could visit, but the poem will also be available through the project’s website and hopefully I’ll get a picture of it in situ!


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