Interview: Michalle Gould


Michalle GouldMichalle Gould has been working on the poems that constitute Resurrection Party for almost 15 years. In that time, her poems and short stories have appeared in Slate, New England Review, Poetry, American Literary Review, The Texas Observer, and other journals. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a librarian, and is in the process of researching and writing a novel set in the North of England during the 1930s.

TCJWW: Resurrection Party seems to grapple largely with metamorphoses; indeed, in these poems death itself becomes a merely temporary state to be succeeded by resurrection and new life. How have the themes of transience and mutability shaped this poetry collection?

Gould: One of the things that I talk about a lot with this book is how great a span of time was involved in the composition of the different poems. I once read an article…

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