Toward the end of May, I went to Minneapolis for the premiere at the Walker Art Center of the Sixth Season of Motionpoems, a webseries of short films adapted from poems by various contemporary authors.  This season was interesting because all the poets were women, although the filmmakers were not – I believe there were about five female filmmakers out of a total of fourteen or fifteen.  I write fiction as well as poetry and have even dabbled mildly in screenwriting, so I’ve definitely had my fantasies about having my work adapted on film, but I would hardly have thought that that particular dream would one day be fulfilled through the adaptation of a poem!  The short film of “How Not To Need Resurrection” can be found here: and should eventually appear on the Motionpoems site here: with some supplementary materials (the poems are being released there individually over the course of the next year).

In addition, there have been some new reviews of Resurrection Party – I especially liked the one here: which is very detailed and thoughtful.  Like many Americans, I have a touch of Anglophilia, so having my book reviewed in an English accent was a fun thrill for me.

I have a few new poems coming out this week, so links are forthcoming.  It is encouraging to see some of the poems from what I hope will be my next book finding good homes and interesting to observe the shift from primarily print publication to primarily online (at least in my own case).

I hope you will enjoy the film!  I am very grateful to the filmmakers for choosing my poem, among all the options they had available to them.


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